I believe in continuous learning, and below are the classes and workshops I've taken. 


Gilding with Gesso, Peter Thornton | Tennessee, May 2019

Italic & Variations, John Stevens | Cheerio Calligrahy Retreats, May 2019

Contemporary Rustics & Uncials Update, Carl Rohrs | Chicago Calligraphy Collective, November 2018

Roman Capitals from Slow to Fast, Elmo van Slingerland | Chicago Calligraphy Collective, September 2018

David and Goliath, Yves Leterme | Chicago Calligraphy Collective Retreat, April 2018

Calligraphic Fundamentals - Intermediate Level, Ewan Clayton | Brighton, United Kingdom, January to March 2018

A Year-Long Study, John Stevens | Dallas, 2017

The Roman Capital/The DNA of Letters, John Stevens | Chicago Calligraphy Collective, August 2017

The Enchanted Letter, Heather Held | Chicago Calligraphy Collective, May 2017

Blackletter: A Journey Through Gothic Letterforms, Luca Barcellona | Chicago Calligraphy Collective Workshop Retreat, April 2017

Inaugural Class, Calligraphic Fundamentals, Ewan Clayton | Brighton, United Kingdom, January to March 2017

Inaugural Year-Long Class, Julian Waters | Pennsylvania, 2016

Capital Investment, John Stevens | Cheerio Calligraphy Retreats, October 2016

Masterclass, Sheila Waters | Pennsylvania, October 2016

Blackletter Variations, Julian Waters | Chicago Calligraphy Collective, May & August 2016

Slate Inscription Carving, Paul Herrera | A Show of Hands--35th International Calligraphy Conference, Asheville, June 2016

The Poetic Pen: The History and Evolution of the Italian Hand, Heather Held | Chicago Calligraphy Collective, June 2016

Big Project of Calligraphy, Denis Brown | Chicago Calligraphy Collective Retreat, April 2016

Masterclass, Sheila Waters | Pennsylvania, April 2016

From Pointed Pen to Pointed Brush, Master Penman Mike Kecseg | Chicago Calligraphy Collective, January 2016

Linearity & Capitals, John Stevens | Cheerio Calligraphy Retreats, 2015

Life Lines, Pamela Paulsrud | Chicago Calligraphy Collective, 2015

Breakthrough with the Brush, Kazuaki Tanahashi | Madison, Wisconsin, 2015

Subtle and Sensuous Brushstrokes, Yves Leterme | Chicago Calligraphy Collective, 2015

IAMPETH Convention Franklin, 2015

  • Gothicized Italic, Marian Gault

  • Flourishing Basics, Master Penman Jake Weidmann

  • Spencerian Meets Copperplate: A Wonderful Idea, Master Penman Michael Sull and Barbara Calzolari

  • The Acanthus Leaf Within the Letterform, Master Penman Rosemary Buczek

Tomatoes and Windows, Eliza Schulte Holliday | Chicago Calligraphy Collective, 2015

Creating Works of Beauty: How to Maximize the Potential of Your Calligraphy and Extend Its Artistic Appeal, David McGrail | Chicago Calligraphy Collective Retreat, 2015

Stand Up and Show Off, Cherryl Moote | Chicago Calligraphy Collective, 2015

No Fear Watercolor, Linda Hancock | Chicago Calligraphy Collective, 2015

What's Next? Bringing Your Lettering To a New Level, Julie Wildman | Chicago Calligraphy Collective, 2015

26 Seeds to Grow - Year Long Class, Reggie Ezell | Chicago, 2014

IAMPETH Convention Indianapolis, 2014

  • Pointed Pen Variations, Master Penman Michael Kecseg

  • Offhand Flourishing, Master Penman Jake Weidmann

  • The Decorative Letter, Master Penman Rosemary Buczek

  • Flourished Monogram, Kathy Milici

Spencerian Script, White House Chief Calligrapher and Master Penman Pat Blair | Chicago Calligraphy Collective,  2014

The Artful Flourish, Heather Held | Chicago Calligraphy Collective, 2013

Spencerian Saga, Master Penman Harvest Crittenden | Geneva-on-the-Lake, 2013

Beginning Italic, Pamela Paulsrud | Chicago Calligraphy Collective, 2013

Square Capitals, Judy Detrick | San Francisco Friends of Calligraphy, 2013

Push, Float, Glide, Dab: The Joy of Movement, Ewan Clayton | San Francisco Friends of Calligraphy, 2013

Spencerian, Bill Kemp | Castle in the Air, Berkeley, 2013

Copperplate, Claude Dieterich | San Francisco Friends of Calligraphy, 2013

Brush Italic, Melissa Titone | San Francisco Friends of Calligraphy, 2013

Modern Calligraphy for Beginners, Melissa Esplin | I Still Love Calligraphy (now, 2012